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Pioneer School of Computer Graphics, Certificate in Computer Graphics, November, 2001.
Philadelphia College of Art, BFA (illustration), January, 1978.
Bucks County Community College, Associate in Fine Arts, June, 1974.
Council Rock High School, June, 1972, academic course.

Work Experience

1985 to Present

Freelance illustrator doing assorted artwork for various clients. Projects to date have included the site map for Plimoth Plantation; 2-color and 4-color interior and cover art for Cricket, Cicada, Spider, and Faces magazinesy for children; B&W interiors for nonfiction trade paperbacks; cover art and interiors for small press publications; T-shirt art designs; and cartoons.

Children's Periodicals Illustrated

  • "Hamantashen" by Wendy Lazar, Cricket, March, 2004.
  • "Celtic Metalwork" by Ann Dorgan Hodgkiss and Sandra Holmes, Cricket, March, 2003.
  • "Shimkeh the Shlemiel and Shmuel the Shlimazel" by Roz Rosenbluth, Cricket, September, 2002.
  • "Up in the Morning Early" by Robert Burns, Cricket, January, 2002.
  • "Long Ago in Europe" by Isabel Joshlin Glaser, Cricket, March, 2001.
  • "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, Cicada, May/June, 2000.
  • "The Man Who Sang to Ghosts" by Aaron Shephard, Cricket, June, 2000.
  • "Fairy Tale" by Todd Strasser, Cicada, May/June, 1999.
  • "The Art of Essay Writing" Cicada, May/June, 1999.
  • "Phobos and Deimos" by Michael Dahl, Cricket, August, 1999.
  • "A Match for Maydela" by Rhiannon Puck, Cricket, December, 1998.
  • "A Trip to the Afterlife" by Joan Hunt, Cricket, August, 1998.
  • "The Rescuer From Lime Rock" by Stephen Currie, Cricket, January, 1998.
  • "Nine Men's Morris," Cricket, June, 1997.
  • "The Power of Light" by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Cricket, December, 1996.
  • "Seamus Kenny's Well" by Alexis O'Neill, Cricket, March, 1996.
  • "An Encounter With Desert Creatures," cover art, Spider, October, 1995.
  • "The Noblest Knight" by Eric A. Kimmel, Cricket, June, 1995.
  • "North America Moon Calendars" by E. B. Kavasch, Faces, Cobblestone Publishing, December, 1994.
  • "Chinese Dumplings" by Karen Kane, Faces, Cobblestone Publishing; December, 1994.
  • "Tangrams," Spider, October, 1994.
  • "Ridiculous Rocky Riddles," Cricket, August, 1994.
  • "Pairs of Squares Game Board" by Oliver Selfridge, Spider, January, 1994.
  • "Traveling Tom and the Leprechaun" by Teresa Bateman, Cricket, March, 1993.
  • "The Last Wooden Soldier" by Patricia Rae Wolff, Cricket, December, 1992.

Nonfiction Books and Periodicals Illustrated

  • Visitor's Site Map 1996, Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, MA, 1996.
  • Magical, Mythical, Mystical Beasts by D. J. Conway, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN, 1996.
  • Using Handspindles by Carol Huff, Indigo Hound Press, Delta, PA, 1995.
  • Using English Wool Combs by Carol Huff, Indigo Hound Press, Delta, PA, 1994.
  • Visitors' Site Map 1993, Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, MA; 1993.

Fantasy & Science Fiction Books Illustrated

  • Double Feature by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly, NESFA Press, Cambridge, MA, 1994. (Frontispiece.)
  • Storyteller by Jane Yolen, NESFA Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992.
  • The Best of James H. Schmitz by James H. Schmitz, edited by Mark L. Olson, NESFA Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992.